🍴Stainless Steel Fork Spoon 🥄 🍴Stainless Steel Fork Spoon 🥄

🍴Stainless Steel Fork Spoon 🥄


BDT250 BDT300
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  • 🍴Stainless Steel Fork Spoon 🥄Stainless Steel Spoon 🔸Product: 6 Pcs Set Stainless Steel Tea Spoon silver & golden. 🔸Color: Silver & golden 🔸6pcs Stainless Steel Spoon Set 🔸Premium Stainless Steel Set. 🔸Stainless Steel Spoon, 6.5"Inch. 🔸Stylish and shiny and long-lasting 🔸Mirror polish 🔸Simple and elegant surface design that makes this flatware suitable for smart house decoration. 🔸 Product of China
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